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July, 2021

Ray Blue Jazz Quartet on July 30, 2021


New York based International Jazz Artist Ray Blue   "Ray Blue has a majestic presence…when playing, his sense of purpose is obvious… It's one thing to be a good composer, it's another to be a great performer. Ray Blue's got the whole package."                        -Jean Szlamowicz, Down Beat   He has the big sound [...]

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June, 2021

May, 2021

December, 2020

Is there a creativity crisis?


Yes, I think there is a creativity crisis in America, and I feel it has deep social roots.  The blindness of our learning institutions to the importance of creativity is astounding.  There must be a generalized, proactive response to integrating creativity into all levels of teaching.  The current condition of our culture reminds me [...]

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October, 2020

Transcendence in art: William Blake


William Blake sought in his art to have humanity manifest its divine nature through mutual forgiveness and selflessness. His delivery of this message was through visionary poems and prints. Blake taught that through the visionary imagination human beings could become divine beings and manifest an ideal, spiritual society (he called this Jerusalem). He was [...]

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December, 2019

The Bohemian Signature Selection; the art of wine


As The Bohemian proprietors, we have carefully chosen exceptional wines from small family operated vineyards. Our wine producers preserve the ten thousand year tradition of winemaking with classical time-proven methods. Presently, the United States wine industry has been consolidated into a few huge companies. What looks like a label from a small estate winery [...]

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February, 2019

Bohemian Aesthetic Part 2


Our search for visual art that expresses the “bohemian aesthetic” has led to alliances, connections, and collaborations with significant artists and galleries.  Most notably, Ahlers and Ogletrie/Atlanta, Papillon Gallery/Los Angeles, RoGallery/New York City, and Dorothy Rogers Art/Santa Fe.  Dorothy Rogers has had decades of experience as an avid collector and esteemed gallery proprietor.  We [...]

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November, 2017

Our Food and Music Culture at The Bohemian


Two of the most powerful fundamental elements of any culture are music and food.   The Bohemian is a café and music venue in the heart of the Midwest, so we celebrate our distinctive regional culture and cuisine.  We refer to this geographical area as the Central Mississippi River Region. Here at The Bohemian, we [...]

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