As The Bohemian proprietors, we have carefully chosen exceptional wines from small family operated vineyards. Our wine producers preserve the ten thousand year tradition of winemaking with classical time-proven methods.

Presently, the United States wine industry has been consolidated into a few huge companies. What looks like a label from a small estate winery may actually be held by a large wine industry conglomerate.

To achieve the efficiency of industrial scale, these mass producers use up to 70 chemical additives. Also, the specific local environmental factors of mineral effects, soil and water components (collectively known as terroir) are disturbed by irrigation and the use of mass produced genetically modified yeasts.

Traditionally, indigenous yeast cultures are cultivated on site at each vineyard contributing to their wine’s distinctive flavor profile. Here at The Bohemian, we offer quality wines naturally crafted at artisanal wineries. As you have a meal prepared with quality local ingredients, it’s also a good idea to accompany your meal with a wine that is just as carefully chosen. For that purpose, we are proud to present The Bohemian Signature Selection.