Here are a few jazz facts and quotes we have found inspirational.

Oscar Pettiford’s jazz standard “Bohemia After Dark” was titled in honor of this NYC club (Pettiford gigged for awhile as the club’s house band director). This information was found in Ted Panken’s June 2005 Downbeat article, “When Giants Walked the Village.”

Billy Taylor: “It was a hip place, more like a club in Harlem than anything on 52nd Street.”

Roswell Rudd: “The music was right in your face. It was great to be 10 feet from Coltrane, and hear how he’d put himself into the most unbelievable musical corners and then punch his way out.  Up and coming Saxophone players sat at the bar with their jaws open.”

George Avakian: “The Bohemia’s audience reminded me of jazz cafes in Europe, where people were serious and intense, and paid attention. They regarded the music as an art form, and even acted a little superior about the fact that they were there and listening to Miles.”