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We are situated in the scenic New Bohemian district of Cedar Rapids.  Our historic building was built 28 years after the American Civil War and has been beautifully restored along with a few additions such as a roof garden, and a retractable metal-glass enclosure (the only one of its kind in the Midwest).  In addition, we have exhibited works of art throughout the structure.  We have indoor and outdoor venues.  All these spaces are available depending on time and date for private events at negotiable, reasonable prices including staffing, food, and beverage options.  It is sure to be a memorable and beautiful setting for your event.

We have 8,400 square feet to work with, and seating for 190 people.  We also have standing room for 500 people inside and outside.  We can provide entertainment and or audio-visual equipment.  You can either have our staff create the perfect setting for your event and cleanup, or just use the space.  We can handle event planning, food, and drink for you, or you have the option to do that yourself.  Our stunning rooms are sure to make your next special event – whether it is a large or small gathering – that much more special.

Private Events at the Bohemian FAQs:

Q: How do I pay for the alcohol expenses for the occasion?2019-02-24T22:15:32+00:00

A: There are no beverage minimums.  Liquor from the outside is prohibited.  All alcoholic beverages must be provided by the Bohemian for insurance purposes.  If you choose to have us provide the beverages, you have the following choices:

  1. Open bar in which the host pays the tab at the end of the evening.  You select any specialized liquors you may require.  Otherwise, we supply our standard selection.
  2. Your visitors may directly purchase their beverages as a normal cash bar.
  3. You set a limited amount.  You specify the quantity (monetary or wine/beer/spirits amount).  When that quantity is exhausted, it becomes a cash bar.
  4. You give your guests ticket(s) for the first few drinks, and cash bar afterwards.
Q: What are my catering options?2019-02-24T22:16:44+00:00

A: You have the option of providing food and beverages (non-alcoholic) for your event, or having our staff cater your event.

Q: Parking?2019-02-24T22:17:05+00:00

A: See general FAQ page.

Q: What does your rental fee include?2019-02-24T22:39:13+00:00

A: The Bohemian offers the following for all rentals on an ala carte basis


  • The room(s) rented with furnishings
  • Cleaning of the space upon guest departure


  • Serving staff as needed
  • Bar Staffing as needed
  • Liquor, mixers, and beer stocking and set-up, we will acquire any spirits desired for your event
  • House Band or DJ (audio-visual system included)
Q: What additional amenities does the Bohemian offer?2019-02-24T22:18:19+00:00

A: The Bohemian offers many additional features including a rich atmosphere:

  1. 8 zones of entertainment, art, full audio-visual system, roof garden, metal-glass enclosure, wine cellar, restaurant kitchen, 4 bar areas, and stage
  2. Full-service staff
  3. Enclosed court yard for out-door events including surrounding fire bowls on all stone pillars
  4. DJ services
  5. Sound Technician
  6. Free valet parking for special events
  7. House band

If one or more of these services is desired, let us know.

Q: What are the fees to rent any room at the Bohemian?2019-02-24T22:18:44+00:00

A: Depending on time, date, room(s), and other accommodations, the fees are all negotiable.  We strive to keep our fees as low as possible.  We encourage people to use the space.

Q: What are your hours of operation?2022-07-03T21:29:02+00:00

Wed-Thur 4pm-10pm (kitchen 8:30pm), Fri-Sat 12pm-12am (kitchen 9:30pm), Sunday 12pm-6pm (kitchen 5pm)

Q: What accommodations are available?2019-02-24T21:57:17+00:00

A: The Bohemian has tables and chairs for 190 people.  These are included with any minimal rental at no additional charge.

Need more information?  Send us a message and we will answer any additional questions you may have at  You may also schedule a tour.  We are sure you will enjoy your stay.

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